Our team started animation and motion graphics in 2009 by ordering “Ants Collection” from Bandar Abbas Audio and Video Network and ordering bilingual teaser training from Arya Sasol Polymer Company. Subsequently, we expanded our animation activities to suit the animation potential of teaching and embracing collections. Examples produced by our company in the field of animation and motion graphics include:

- "Fars Animal Stories Collection" by order of Fars Environmental Protection Agency.
- Learning documentation "Dr. Nikki" ordered by Fars Pediatric Association.

- Special clip "Laser Eridotomy" ordered by Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

- A collection of 2D and 3D educational clips on health, safety, and environment ordered by Arya Sasol company.

- Collection of motion clips of greenhouse gas graphics, water pollution and waste segregation ordered by Arya Sasol Co.

- Training clip on spraying principles ordered by the National Environmental Agency.
- Forest conservation, wetland conservation and waste segregation clips commissioned by Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Environmental Organization.