Our team can provide consulting services to Institutes and organizations with fluent programmers in various web based, mobile and desktop programming languages ​​and mastering a variety of databases. Analyzing software systems using UML tools and analyzing virtual education management systems are among our capabilities.

Due to the increasing development of web and mobile software ,our group has expanded its activities in these fields. Examples of our company activity in designing, programming or commissioning are:

- Farsi Electronic Identification System is in English and Persian language;in an Offline, Mobile and Web Platforms.

- Health education application

- Application "Diagnosis and treatment of injuries to the oral area"

- Datis mobile web and mobile shipping system

- Introducing system of Arya Sasol Polymer Company in Farsi and English language
- Coding archeology application named “Kavosh” to record information on various stages of archaeological operations, information processing and reporting

- “Pars Azmoon” test software for conducting online tests

- Patological software (Dr. Khalat) of pathology department of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

- Training system of Shiraz University of medical sciences to provide continuing education course reports

- Office automation software and web-based medical clinic

- Virtual education management software

- Online store for Shiraz Continues Medical Education