Electronic content creation

Our group has been co-operating cohesively in the field of virtual education and in the field of web-based electronic content creation with the Institute of Virtual Education of Shiraz University since 2003. Among the remarkable features of the content which we have created are: Putting content in styles that we have designed and coded on the bases of our customers' needs, delivering the right mix of audios, texts, images, videos , beautiful animations and graphics as well as a variety of pre-start, mid and end courses with the ability of user progress checking.

Our productions so far have received praise and appreciation at several congresses and festivals. One of them is the International Conference on Electronic Content, held in December 2009 at Tehran University of Science and Technology; In this festival ,the content presented by Shiraz university of medical sciences created by our company accepted as a best content .

Our team has been working with the leaders of various universities and organizations over the years to develop distance education and has worked with them to design and implement native systems required by virtual education learners.

Among the universities and organizations that have used the content produced by our group in their virtual courses are:

Shiraz University, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran,  Science and Technology University , Shahid Rajaei, Zabol University of Medical Sciences, Arya Sasol  Polymeric Co., Professional Technical Organization, National Forensic Medicine Organization, Provincial Education Organization of  Fars Province, Environmental Protection Agency of the whole country, Fars Environmental Protection Agency and Shahrekord Environmental Protection Agency.