Our group has been co-operating Cohesively in the field of virtual education since 2003 with the Institute of Virtual Education of Shiraz University and for a short period of time has been a key partner in digital content production at Shiraz University. Since then, we have expanded our activities with other academic and research centers nationwide in the areas of electronic content production, distance education, the creation of scientific and applied software and presenting the latest technologies in the field of virtual education.

 Due to the lack of a coherent and standardized structure for e-learning in our country and its related issues, we have designed and implemented a fully professional system - Regarding to the needs of Iranian virtual students - with the guidance and help of university administrators we could gain a Significant success in this regard. One of the distinctive features of our training packages is the provision of standard online tests that record the results of the tests in conjunction with the identification number.
The total amount of educational content which  our group has done so far for universities and training centers in the country is over 4,000 hours of training and 1,000 packages. These attractive multimedia with content designs have brought traditional education out boring. Such training, increases the efficiency of user training by eliminating time and space constraints, the ability to duplicate, record and refer to data and reduce commuting costs.

As technology evolves and development of web and mobile software, we expand our ability by developing two-dimensional and 3D educational games and mobile learning applications and now we are pioneers in the field of Game learning and mobile learning nationwide.

Our group has been a member of the Informatics Guild since 2007. Innovative ideas, the use of the latest technologies in the field of information technology and the use of young forces and the presentation of unique domestic products competing with foreign examples have led our company to win the title of "Knowledge Based Company" in 2015.

Our team by doing research and development has achieved many years of successful experience in various fields of IT (including: content production, learning management system delivery, test making, mobile and web software development, animation production, game developing, professional photography) and with the efforts of its young and creative forces, is ready to provide a variety of services in the fields of public and private companies and organizations and individuals.

We are at the forefront of developing a culture of learning, innovation, knowledge-based, customer-oriented, and environmental preservation so that we can expand our activities in national and international contexts and take effective steps to promote lifelong education.